Friday, January 29, 2016

Toward Fort Lauderdale

It is 6:30 AM, and we are on the move. Here is the scene from inside the boat. No, my Dear Readers, I am not going out on the deck. However, my intrepid crew is hard at work. There are LOTS of bridges between LUX and Miami. Timing is critical to make each one in sequence.

Today's trip is not all about the journey. It is a speed race to make each bridge in its allotted opening time. The water around the channel is shallow, so our pilot must be swift and sure. You have to rush up to the bridge. Then, you have to back off because you cannot pass the outer edge until the bridge is fully raised.

Now, at 9:29 AM, it's starting to get exciting. The Ocean Avenue bridge is having a slight problem. It doesn't want to open. Maintenance was called at 9. They managed to get one span open for the last opening. We hope the 9:30 one goes smoother.

Meanwhile, we did hear an interesting message on the radio. It was a warning by another boater in the area. It seems someone is busy taking potshots at boaters who make too large a wake with a pellet gun. Luckily, LUX does not make much of a wake.

The 9:30 opening was a success. We spent the day cruising down the ICW past amazing houses and gigantic boats.

We have finished for the day here in Fort Lauderdale. We'll stay overnight. In the morning, we'll head out toward Miami.

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