Wednesday, January 27, 2016

It's Liquid Sunshine- or so They Tell Us

Good morning from the dark side

It is 6:53, and we are busy raising the anchor. Today will be a long day on the water. We need to get much closer to Miami. As a result, we were all up at the crack of dawn.

Making the run to Bimini can be tricky. The weather has to be just right in order to have a safe and comfortable passage. Mariners have been known to wait as much as two weeks to get the right weather window.

Right now, we think we have a decent window in two days. But, we need to be a lot further south. So, we are off and running south. The weather is not kind today. It is raining on and off. And, it is very foggy. 

Mike started the day off with a short sleeved shirt. But, he has put his jacket back on. The temperature is actually 67 degrees, but it feels cooler because it is so very damp.

We did continue on in the fog and rain until 4. Along the way, we passed the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse.

We have ended up here in Palm Beach. Initially, we had thought to go over to Freeport tomorrow. However, a call to the marina there led us to recheck the weather. There is a front moving in which will make travel somewhat uncomfortable. Another call to Chris Parker, the Caribbean weather guru, has led us to decide to wait until Sunday to cross. So, Dear Readers, it appears that we shall be hanging around southern Florida a bit longer.

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