Thursday, January 21, 2016

Leaving Fernandina Beach

It is just barely 7:30, and we have left the dock at Fernandina Beach.

The white dot in the water is a sleeping pelican. Yes, we left before the birds even bothered to start their day. The other small picture shows that we truly are still in the lowlands. The shoreline is just where the grasses end.

Today is part of the weeklong celebration of National Fresh Squeezed Juice week. For trivia today, I offer three true or false statements.

1. Beet greens have more iron than spinach.
2. Lemons counteract the affects of acidity on the body.
3. Pineapple is good for maintaining strong and healthy bones.

And, yes, Dear Readers- I did not forget that you want the answers to yesterday's trivia!

1. There are 17 species of penguins.
2. One way penguins get rid of the seawater they ingest is by sneezing! They also can have a runny beak.
3. Penguins do have ears. They are just not visible. By the way, they also have excellent hearing!

Yesterday, we passed a pleasant afternoon roaming about the town of Fernandina Beach. We managed to escape with only the purchase of ice cream. It was not an easy task. Every shop was filled with charming displays meant to be very tempting. Even the buildings themselves were charming! It was somewhat like visiting Annapolis- only with a lot more trees!

And, just for Susan - Pelicans hanging around the dock!

Last night, we ate dinner on the boat. It was followed by the first of our killer card games. Then, a long day caught up with us. We all went to bed early!

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