Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Headed for Ft. Pierce

We did not leave Titusville yesterday until late in the afternoon. We spent the time installing our new batteries. We now have three new batteries working in fine order.

We also used the time wisely. We did laundry. Boating is like camping- an available washing machine is literally a gift you cannot ignore! The laundry room at Titusville Marina is nothing to write home about in terms of ambience. But, it has 3 working washers and 4 dryers. We had them all to ourselves! Even better, someone had left a Yahtzee game in there as a giveaway. So, we whiled away our time waiting through the cycles by playing Yahtzee. The game was a hot one - even though the laundry room was not!

We arrived at the Cocoa Village Marina around 6:40 PM. It was an excellent spot because we met up with friends from Annapolis Sail and Power Squadron. Jackson and Barbara have relocated down here in order to be closer to family- and it got them away from the cold north. We went out to dinner together to one of their favorite spots - Ryan's. Ryan's is quite the place. It's an Irish pub with an Italian dinner menu. Jackson assured us that the food was great - and he was right.

We went back to their condo after dinner. They were kind enough to offer us a tour of their new home with its spectacular view of the water. I tried to take pictures, but it was very dark!

This morning, it seems to be setting in to be a gray day. But, the outside temperature is at 60 degrees. Yay! We might be on the way to a warm up. Today, we are headed off to try to get to Fort Pierce.

And, indeed we made Ft. Pierce. Not only that, but the weather has begun to warm up. As you can see, Mike is in short sleeves. Tonight, he has also changed into shorts. Reality check - Carol is still wearing fleece, as is Terry. Peggy and I are still in long sleeves. Tonight, we are anchored out near the Ft. Pierce bridge. Tomorrow, we head out at first light. Tomorrow, I promise more on wardrobe updates.

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