Thursday, January 21, 2016

We're Here in St. Augustine

It's not even 4:30, and we are docked in St. Augustine. It was a beautiful day with a high of 52. I know, Dear Readers, that most of my followers are in the frozen north. So, I tell you that it's only in the lower fifties so you are not upset that we are lolling in the heat whilst you freeze.

The dock hand was impressed that we so neatly docked our LUX with nary a bump. He reported that earlier today, someone pulled out and t-boned another boat. Yes, it's not only for cars.

Currently, our plans call for a two day layover due to weather. It's supposed to be rainy and very windy. So, we'll just stay put.


Susan Gilbert said...

Ah, windy nights and the sound of squeaking fenders. I think that might be better than blizzard conditions here in MD. You all do have a fine sense of when it is good to head out of town. Hope all goes well with you. I'm just hoping we have electricity through the nest few days.

Gee said...

Me too! We all need to stay safe.