Sunday, January 24, 2016

Leaving Daytona Beach

With great winds behind us, we made it to Daytona Beach before 4 yesterday. And, yes, we had the jib up! It was a great run. But, it was so cold. Yes, Dear Readers, I know it is nothing like being on Maryland or Colorado right now. But seriously, freeze warnings in Daytona Beach? With the wind chill, it was colder than I ever imagined Florida to be.

We chose to stay at Daytona Marina and Boatworks last night. We had stayed here on our last return from the Bahamas. Susan and Tony may remember it as their taxi stop. It was certainly convenient for dinner last night since the Chart House Restaurant is on top of the marina offices! We had a lovely dinner. Then, we scampered back to the boat in record time. It was rather chilly out there!

We left the dock at 7:40 this morning headed for Titusville. That's where we pick up Terry. He's been hiding in California pretending to be working. I think it was actually just to avoid boating in cold weather.

Today's picture is from inside LUX. It's to cold for your intrepid chronicler to be outside.

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