Monday, January 18, 2016

Headed to see Our LUX

Yes, it is only January- much earlier than our usual spring trip to get LUX and bring her home. But, seriously, check out home.

This morning, it really was 21 degrees. And, yes, it did snow yesterday. Lucky for us, we have a great plan for this spring. We're going to bring LUX home via the Exumas! Yes, we are Bahamas bound. This will be our longest trip yet. And, we plan to spend about a month in the Exumas. 

This has initiated a flurry of planning on all our parts. Carol has been busy sewing a sun shade for the front of the boat. Mike and Terry have been busy planning repairs and upgrades. And me, I have been busy planning menus for that long of a trip. Even more importantly, I have been planning what we need to actually take with us to avoid having to purchase really expensive groceries in the islands. This is not a trivial task. Food in the Bahamas is mostly shipped in, so it is incredibly dear. All cruising guides recommend bringing in your food. So, I have not only been busy figuring out what we will eat but when and where I should buy it in order to get the best prices. 

Since the boat is in a location that does not have a Sam's Club, BJ's, or Costco, I did do some shopping before we left home. Mike keeps making jokes about how it was a really good idea to get a minivan. And, yes, I did fill up a large portion of that back space. But, I scored some rally great buys. For example, today I bought canned crab for less than $2 a can! Yay! And, that was a short stop at the Christmas Tree Shop on the way south. Hunting and gathering is the only way to go when you are trying to feed a crew of 5 for a month!

Meanwhile, we are supposed to be heading south. So, what's up with this?

Yes, there was snow on the ground in North Carolina. And, it was 32 degrees. I certainly hope it begins to warm up. Otherwise, you'll be reading lots of stories about how I keep insisting on baking muffins for breakfast!

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