Monday, February 1, 2016

More Liquid Sunshine

What! Rain? I thought I was on vacation! Hmmmm...... Oh well, it's also 72 degrees. So, I guess I really can't complain. Peggy was actually glad that it started raining. It made the bumper on her side squeak less. It's nice that, no matter what, it's great to be in the Bahamas. Here's the view outside LUX.

Yesterday, on our way back from the showers, we stopped to talk to a woman on a boat out of Annapolis. Believe it or not, she's a retired teacher from Hillsmere. They currently still have a house in Annapolis, but they are going to sell it. Yes, they are going to live full time on their Beneteau! I'm hoping our friend, Linda, senses this story aiming right at her. But, wait for it. There's even more. They now work for the Waterway Guide books. He takes photos and videos for them. She writes reviews as well as updates to ratings in the current guides. Hmmm.... Photography. Writing. Linda potential.

Another couple came to LUX to talk to us. We had met them at a marina on the ICW, and they have been following the blog. So, they came over to say hi. We do meet the nicest folks while boating.

Today, Mike and Terry need to take a run into town. They are going to visit a shop to check on SIM cards for the phones. I am asking that they buy some Bahamian bread. They also need to return the golf cart. When they return, we head east. We'll see where we end up when we get there.

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