Wednesday, February 10, 2016

February 10

The sunrise this morning was interesting because it is so cloudy.

Even with the clouds, though, it is simply gorgeous. The only downside is that the wind continues at a brisk pace. As a result, the temperature continues to be on the chilly side. Terry is back in his fleece. Peggy has given up and gone back to long sleeves and pants. Mike is the lone optimist today. He is in shorts and a short sleeve shirt.

Yesterday found Mike once again engaged in his (not so) favorite activity - engine maintenance. The dingy motor continues to complain about having to work for a living. This time, Mike decided to take apart the fuel filter.

Although it did make a difference to take it apart and clean it, the results were not perfect. We are down to perhaps it is the fuel. The current plan is to use up the fuel we have, and then try new fuel. There's actually no place here to get rid of the fuel, so we'll just convince the dingy motor to use it up.

As of now, there are no set plans for today. Terry and Mike are listening to the weather to see what we might do. Stay tuned, Dear Readers. Stay tuned.

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