Friday, February 19, 2016

Back at Staniel Cay

As I mentioned, we are back at Staniel Cay for the next 2 days waiting for the winds to die down once again. This morning's fun activity was eavesdropping on radio conversations. Lots of goings-on today here at Staniel Cay. A group of folks got together to go snorkeling. Some women joined up to do Pilates on the beach. And, people were making plans to go into town to get some groceries. It's a big day here in Staniel Cay because the boat is coming!

One of the more interesting aspects of island life is that your fresh groceries are very dependent on the route of the island freighters. You cannot imagine the number of times we have been to,d that we couldn't get something because they ran out, and the boat hasn't come in yet. My favorite is that restaurants routinely run out of dessert. You don't get dessert until the next boat!

The other issue would be fresh fruits and vegetables. They might have some stuff left right before the boat comes in again, but you really don't want to buy them. By that time, they have long lost the concept of freshness.

So, boat day is a really big day here. Our crew will soon be heading into town to check out just what came in the boat.

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