Monday, February 8, 2016

A Day at Highbourne Cay

The weather continued to be rather exciting today. The wind blew steadily- usually around 20 knots. Our highest gust was 42. So, we mostly stayed hunkered down on LUX. That brings us to today's entertainment.

Gee's Fun With Food Adventure - Part One

Sometimes, you just need to kick it up a notch when it comes to food- especially when the crew finds itself staying close to the boat due to weather conditions. I decided to work on something different for lunch. I had read about using Pillsbury biscuits to make mini pot pies. Hmmm.... That might be interesting. After all, we had leftover sloppy joes.

Here's a photo collage showing the steps.

In short-
* Form biscuits into muffin cups to make a cup for your filling.
* Add filling.
* Sprinkle with cheese.
* Bake!

As you might guess, a full recipe is on the Pillsbury site. However, I did not follow their recipe for the sloppy joes. The recipe I used came from Eating Well magazine. That recipe includes carrots and raisins. I really like the sweet taste added by the raisins. Yes, Dear Readers, they were yummy!

But, that meant our food adventure was done. And it wasn't even mid afternoon. We needed more entertainment. Ah, yes....there was a baguette down below slowly petrifying.

Gee's Fun With Food #2

What does one do with a baguette that is mostly dead? Why, make bread pudding. After all, it was chilly yesterday. So, turning on the oven again would add to the ambience.

In short, there were only three steps.
* Get Peggy to hack away at the baguette.
* Make up an egg mixture. Also, since most really good bread puddings are made with raisin bread, it seemed only right to add raisins and cinnamon. Wanting to kick it up a notch, I also chopped up some dried apricots, peaches, plums, and apples.
* Mix it together. Put it in the pan. Bake!

Yes. In the Linda dialect, it was a total yum. And, speaking of Linda, here is the water depth report from Highbourne. The entrance depths varied from about 14 to 16 with a few deeper spots. It is 9.6 here at the dock. Judging from the size of the boats across from us, it would not be an issue for Aurora.

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