Sunday, February 7, 2016

Windy Morning in Highbourne Cay

Good morning from Highbourne Cay. 

It's a good morning for us because we are tucked up behind the sea wall. It is blowing, as they say, like stink. 

They even sent someone out to take down the flags at the entrance to the marina.

Peggy started cooking our breakfast of yummy blueberry pancakes. Meanwhile, the weather continued to brew. Behind us, dark clouds were rolling in.

When the squall reached us, it had winds as high as 42 mph. We started getting whitecaps here inside the very protected marina. Lucky for us, we are tied up right against the sea wall. And, of course, our intrepid crew always takes precautions to make sure we are safe and secure. Terry even added a few bumpers during this adventure. But, he also had time enough to go and help the yacht behind us.

At present, the wind is still howling. But, the sun did try to break through a moment ago. Hopefully, this will blow over soon. The only update now is that no one is walking around toward the shore showers. We'll just be staying on LUX for a while.

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