Wednesday, February 17, 2016

February 16

After a leisurely morning, we decided to try to start heading north. The goal was to get to Rudder Cut Cay. The snorkeling is supposed to be good at this location. The crew wants to see the mermaid and the piano. It seems that David Copperfield commissioned two sculptures- a mermaid and a piano. He than had them dropped in the beautiful tropical waters near Rudder Cut Cay so that people could snorkel down and "play" the piano for the mermaid. 

But, before we could have fun we needed to get out of Emerald Bay. Even though the winds had abated, the waves were still strong right at the entrance to the marina. So, we prepped. We turned LUX around in the marina basin. I tried to show that through the pictures. Keep looking at the changes in the dock.

Then, the crew put up the mainsail, and we headed out. Heretofore, the major entertainment in the marina this particular morning was watching intrepid sailors attempt to get across the waves at the mouth of the marina. One power boat looked as though it was literally sitting on top of a giant wave! Luckily, the waves calmed down a bit. And on we went.

The entrance looks calm at the time of this picture. But, it is a narrow opening. The waves would develop, and they would roll right past this entrance.

The rest of the day was a gorgeous sailing day. We sailed off to Rudder Cut Cay. Once there, Terry, Carol, and Mike went off exploring in the dingy. They could not find the mermaid and her piano. Oh the morning, the dingy goes out again.

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