Thursday, February 4, 2016

On the Move, Sooner or Later

Boating has returned to normal here on LUX. Yesterday, Terry decided to take the dingy out for a spin. Unfortunately, the dingy did not want to go. This precipitated a round of engine maintenance on the fly.

The final diagnosis is the usual Doctor stuff- I'm not sure. It could be a spark plug - even though Mike did replace the spark plug during the initial diagnosis. It could be the wires. It might be the fuel pump- but not likely. Peggy chimed in with her diagnosis- the dingy is just on vacation.

Terry then started up the generator. It took a bit to start it. But, it got really excited about being turned on and let loose. It didn't stop when Terry hit the stop button. That ended up with a little more repair action.

Now, it's morning here in West Bay. 

We'll be heading out soon for Nassau where we will be buying parts. Right now, the boating crew is engaged in a lengthy discussion about where and when and how and why. Once that is done, we will find a place to stay for the day. Then we have to decide what to do next. Once again, the weather is not favoring our attempts to get to the Exumas.


Susan Gilbert said...

For folks who aren't exactly heading the way you want to go, you are having some good adventures!! The Mahi Mahi looked wonderful even though it took bumping through waves to catch them. But what has piqued my curiosity the most is Carol's suggestion to throw a towel over the fish. What does that do?
Still in envy of your sunshine and short sleeves and wearing my pink LUX long sleeve shirt to try and catch the tropical spirit..

Gee said...

Glad to hear you are enjoying the pink shirt. I personally don't understand the towel thing. For some reason, fish get calm if they have a towel. It's probably a Douglas Adams idea that is actually true - always have a towel with you. Wish you were here.

Gee said...

Terry said, "It's like putting a cover over a bird. When they can't see, they calm down."