Sunday, February 21, 2016

Evening at Pipe Cay

It was a short trip from Staniel Cay to Pipe Cay today. As usual, the winds did increase in speed again. That meant our intrepid sailors only had a short window of sailing time before the sheets came down again.

Mike and Terry went adventuring on land. Pipe Cay was once the home of a British military installation from World War II. The ruins are still there, and folks are invited to explore. One couple loves it so much that they have been here for quite a while. They have spent their time developing hiking trails around the Cay. Terry and Mike had a great time looking around. They also had the opportunity to chat with some other cruisers who had gathered on the beach.

It was a beautiful evening in the anchorage.

The moon came out early.

We had a great dinner of leftovers. And, we capped off the evening with the perfect boat dessert- fruitcake. We are especially lucky to have the most wonderful fruitcake hand made by Mike's sister, Lauretta. 

Fruitcake is a great boat dish because it literally lasts forever. Given to us at Christmas, this fruitcake still tasted fresh and moist. For all those fruitcake haters out there among my Dear Readers, Lauretta's fruitcake is NOT the fruitcake of your nightmares. No, indeed, hers is an old family recipe full of yummy richness. Not only that, but she bakes them in small batches tailored to the individuals. Allergic to citrus? She makes them without the candied citrus. Allergic to walnuts? She uses pecans. Yes, these fruitcakes are all special and delicious. We are so happy to have this special treat on board.

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