Saturday, February 6, 2016

From Palm Cay to Highbourne Cay

It was a leisurely departure from Palm Cay this morning. As you might remember, Dear Readers, they keep the harbor chained here. We initially thought it was to keep out the riffraff. Later on, we began to speculate that it was actually to keep boaters from leaving before the marina could read the water and electric meters. Remember, we are in the islands. They usually charge about 50 cents a gallon for water - or sometimes more! So, we took some time to visit the coffee shop- Peggy and Carol had made friends with the local barista. It was only right to stop by and bid her a fond farewell. And then we were off.

A special note for our friend, Robin. We had a penguin sighting. Well, actually, it was just a drawing of a penguin on the ice chest. But, we thought of you, Robin!

Leaving Palm Cay was a little exciting. There is a very specific route with coral on either side. A little waver, and you'll be aground for a bit. But, our crew did well. And, we took the opportunity to get a few more pictures of this lovely place.

We spent the day on the water. The best part for our sailors was that we we actually got to sail for a bit.

Our goal for today was Highbourne Cay- considered to be one of the spots in the Exumas. It certainly must be. Canned peaches have gone up to $4.57 a can in the store. We know this because they left the $4.35 price tag on as well. A note for our friend, Linda- you can buy yeast and flour here. No, Linda- just white flour. And grits.

We were given an interesting place to dock - between two big motor yachts. So, once again, Mike got to practice parallel parking.

 And, when we came in, the Sharks were feeding. Yes, the fishermen were back. As they cleaned fish off, the sharks cleaned up after them. There were 12 sharks swimming around under the sign that says, "Beware of Sharks."

We'll be here for two days- another front is coming through. Not a bad place to be - especially since we brought out own canned peaches.

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