Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Day!

Today is February 29 - Leap Day. It's the day where salaried employees work for free! It can be considered a day out of calendar time. With that in mind, we decided to spend another day here at the Bimini Sands Resort.

This is actually an amazing marina for the Bahamas. It is not expensive. For example, water is only $.35 per gallon! The docks are all floating docks. And, just for Linda, the water is deep here in the marina.

Like Highbourne Cay, the docks are not right up against the land. There is a space that makes a natural habitat for fish. We saw more fish yesterday and today than we have seen on the whole trip. We even saw three lionfish! It is like snorkeling here without getting wet. The water is so clear that viewing the fish is akin to visiting the aquarium.

Today started like most of our days -the sailors were gathered around the radio to listen to the weather report from Chris Parker.

This report encouraged us to stay the day. It appears that tomorrow will be the best day for crossing over to Florida. Once that decision was made, we all went out to breakfast at the small cafe here in the marina.

It's a nice little place that offers the usual fare as well as some Bahamian specialties.

Note that one specialty is sardine salad served with grits. And, look, you could have steamed bologna! Needless to say, we skipped right over that option. We went for omelette or Bahamian bread French toast. We have fallen in love with the Bahamian breads. It is no surprise that we made a purchase at the little marina store.

Yes, indeed, we bought both raisin and coconut bread today. On top of everything else, this marina offers the best prices we have found here in the Bahamas. The bread was only $4.50 a loaf! We've never paid less than $6 a loaf to date. We really like this marina.

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