Monday, February 29, 2016

The Looky Bucket- Not Just for Fish!

Since we are having a down day here at Bimini Sands, we've all worked at cleaning or maintenance. Terry worked on his engine sensor.

Carol and Peggy decided to try out the new sunshade Carol constructed before we left on this adventure. Today was the perfect day to work on fitting the sunshade. It has been barely breezy and occasionally cloudy. Off they went to try it out.

Of course, what is the first thing to happen? Carol drops the scissors overboard. In the process of trying to fish out the scissors, Carol goes for expensive. She drops a piece of one of the lifelines overboard- the gate part. We were willing to let the scissors go, but the lifeline cost a bit more. Carol went looking.

She then went fishing with the crab net attached to the long boat hook.

We all watched and called out encouragement.

Finally, Carol found it. Success!

Just another fun day on LUX!

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