Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Back at Warderick Wells

We pulled up the anchor, and we moved north back to Warderick Wells. We picked up a mooring ball in the basin next to the park headquarters.

The trip up was a lovely sail for most of the time. The weather has warmed up, and the winds have calmed down. It's interesting just looking at the water and land here. The water varies in depth quickly- so quickly that you actually see bands of color in the water. It literally looks like someone dragged a gigantic magic marker across the water.

The land here is also different. These islands actually have hills. The terrain is much more ragged than then terrain the the Abacos.

Once here at the park, the coveting mooring balls are the ones in the basin in front of the park headquarters. 

But you really must be very careful. The mooring field is shaped like a giant fishhook surrounding a sandbar. This sandbar is dry during low tide, by the way. We are moored in 12 feet of water, so there is plenty of depth. But the channel in is barely 200 feet wide. 

LUX is at the end of the yellow arrow.

The guys went off almost immediately to play in the dingy. But, the real entertainment has been here on the boat. A new boat radioed in several hours ago to get a mooring ball. They are still just inside the entrance. They were going a little too fast, and they did run aground. 

This brings us to Mike's favorite line in classes about boating. "Never go faster than the speed you would want to be going if you ran aground- especially in unfamiliar waters." Those of us on LUX have watched them try to get their boat free, and it is still going on 2.5 hours later. Update: I no sooner finished writing that last line when the boat got free. But still, the lesson is there. Pay attention to our friend, Al. He always says, "Slow is your friend."

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