Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Morning

It's almost 7 AM here, and we are already on the Tongue of the ocean. Yes, Dear Readers, it truly is called the Tongue. We can tell we are here because the depth sounder officially reads ----. In other words, it is too deep here.

Yesterday ended on a high note. Gee had taken a nap while the crew sailed on. When she got up, Mike announced that he was glad she was finally up. She was needed to call the fish. You see, Gee loves to sit out back playing with the fishing line and calling, "Here fishy, fishy!" Yes, not a single fish had been caught while Gee was napping. So, Gee heads out. Before she could even unzip the enclosure door, she turns and says, "What about that splashy thing?" As usual, they all ignore her. She asks again. She asks a third time. Carol yells, "It is a fish!" And the excitement began.

You could tell when it leapt out of the water that it was a Mahi Mahi. The colors on that fish are so beautiful and distinctive. And, they do put up a good fight. But Terry wrestled it on board. Carol threw a towel over it, and they Terry gave it a good drink of vodka (we're out of cheap rum). 

After we reeled in the catch of the day, we continued on to Chub Cay- a private island with a fishing resort marina. The marina itself shows the signs of extensive investment.

As you can see, there are floating docks with water and electricity hook ups readily available at each slip. There are beautiful villas to rent all along the protected entrance.

But the facilities were not as nice. The fuel dock itself is nice, but it is surrounded by ramshackle run down warehouses. The transient bath house for men was just a step above primitive. Terry wouldn't use it. He thought it was not worth the effort. He did try to check out the female side, but it was locked. And, no, we were not given a key. We were told the showers were open 24/7. And, the prices were at the high end of the marinas her in the Bahamas.

As you might guess, we had baked Mahi with a Parmesan breadcrumb crust for dinner. To accompany it, we had a Mediterranean couscous salad. It was made by adding pistachios, craisins, and a vinegar honey dressing to the cooked couscous. It was a very yummy way to serve couscous.

This morning, we were off again at COD.

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