Thursday, February 11, 2016

At Staniel Cay

Well! This Staniel Cay is just the happening spot. We couldn't believe how many boats were here. Especially after we had not seen more than a handful of boats out on the water since we left Nassau.

One attraction here at Staniel Cay would be the famous swimming pigs. If you read my last blog, you know it has been chilly here in the Bahamas. Well, I was right about the pigs. They didn't really want to get in the water either. Most people visiting the pigs ended up feeding them on land.

Three members of our intrepid crew took the dingy off to visit the pigs. 

Here is a picture of the bay of pigs (I could not resist that one). 

Peggy reported that one pig tried to get in the boat before she could even get out. Terry discovered that the pigs have learned that plastic bags equal food! They followed him all over the beach - until he hid the plastic bag from sight. Mike learned that Peggy can move like the wind - especially if a big pig is coming at her.

Later in the afternoon, Terry took off to snorkel in the famous cave from the James Bond movie, Thunderball. Terry knew the water was cold, so he carefully plotted out his project for filming his adventure. Terry learned that your GoPro does not film if you don't push the red record button. Terry also learned that it gets really cold if you have to stay in the water longer than you planned to actually get your recording.

And, just to assure you that it is cold- Mike came in from dropping the anchor shivering! Mike - who NEVER gets cold. He ended up standing in front of the oven trying to warm up. 

In Mike's own words- "It's not supposed to be this cold here!" We really do hope that the sun will come out tomorrow- as the song promises.


Susan Gilbert said...

You all actually do have my sympathies re the weather. It always seems to be much colder when you are expecting to be warm. Maybe you all need souvenir sweatshirts now.
Can't wait to see the Thunderball video.

Gee said...

Unfortunately, the wind action has really stirred up the waters. The videos are all a little murky. But, they are still great fun. Can't wait to be able to share our adventures with you!