Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Terry and the Mermaid

Yay! Terry and Mike found the mermaid with her piano!

The story begins with a dingy ride. Mike and Terry rode off....and rode right back. Terry had a dead battery in the GoPro. Oops! New rule: Check all equipment BEFORE leaving the boat.

On the second trip, Terry pulled the starter cord. And, it stayed out. Oops! The cord broke off. More dingy repair in Mike's immediate future. But, they did find the mermaid. She was right where the Canadian dingy was anchored. Nice of them to serve as a marker, wasn't it?

Terry did attempt to play a little tune for the mermaid.

She seemed entranced.

Terry then hurried back to LUX so he could hop in the shower. Mike did not need a shower. He stayed in the dingy, and he used the Looky Bucket. Our photos for today were shot with Mike's camera using the Looky Bucket! It worked!

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