Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Morning...February 17th

This morning, we send out a salute to Linda and Susan, for it is the Feast of Fornicalia- a celebration in old Rome. This feast was in tribute to the goddess Fornax. No, Dear Readers, I will not give you the details on the role of Fornax. It appears to be better in your fertile imaginations. However, Linda and Susan will wish to use the web to discover important ways to celebrate this feast. A clue- They already celebrate this feast regularly!

So, good morning from LUX.

Once again, it is 72 degrees. Once again, the humidity is very high. And, as has been the pattern, we will be getting a big blow again in the next few days. Some of the crew will soon be taking off in the dingy to seek the mermaid and her piano. Those of us with sense enough not to get in the cold water will be staying on board LUX.

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