Friday, February 5, 2016

Another Lovely Morning

Ah, Dear Readers at home, while you brace for more winter weather, we bask in the sun here at Palm Cay Marina.

Currently, the crew works at usual maintenance. Some are doing laundry. Oh, let's start with that story! The laundry room has two washers and one dryer. One of the washers has a sign taped to it that says the washer is broken. Local knowledge reports that it is not really broken. The management just uses that to keep the lonely only dryer from getting too backed up. The wash machines are actually rather reasonable- only 6 quarters. The dryer is free. Originally, we thought that was because water is so dear here in the islands. It's almost always made by reverse osmosis. Now, we believe the dryer is free because it only runs for 30 minutes at a time before it goes into overheat mode and shuts down. You must then wait for about 20 minutes before the motor cools down enough to restart. So 60 minutes of drying actually takes a minimum of 100 minutes. The laundry room is also very small with no seats. But, the tiki bar is just around the corner in case doing the laundry drives you to drink.

Of course, you could always take a shore shower while you wait. Boaters like me dream of showers on shore. Ahhh....unlimited hot water with lots of room. Hmmmm...not so true here at Palm Cay Marina. Granted, the showers are nice- lovely tile work. But, there are only two unisex showers. When you open the door labeled showers, you see a short hallway with one white door and one shower door to your right. Straight ahead is the other shower door.

Behind door number one, the white door, is a toilet. That's it. Just a toilet. And, the room is just big enough to house that toilet. No sink. No mirror. In fact, there is no sink in the entire shower room. Nor is there a counter or an electrical outlet for that hairdryer you thought you might finally use.

The first shower door opens to an area just large enough for a dressing area and the shower. Of course, if you plan to shut the door you will need to step into the shower. The second shower area is much larger. But, the dressing area does not have a drain. If the person before you neglected to pull the shower curtain into position, plan on wading through water on slick tile to get into the shower. This is a lovely marina with lots of boats. It's scary that the actual facilities are so meager. By the way, if you truly want a sink and mirror to finish off your daily ablutions, you will need to walk around the building to the fuel dock. There you will find both a Men's and Lady's rest room - one of each. As you ponder the unponderables in my story, Dear Readers, think upon this. Each of those bathrooms has only one toilet. But, there are two sinks, a nice countertop, and outlets. Traveling in the Bahamas is always interesting!

This evening, we are going to try out the Friday night special - pizza and jazz on the beach.


Susan Gilbert said...

Finally! Finally found you on the ais map nicely tucked away in Palm Cay Marina. Nice to see you!!

Gee said...

Check again tomorrow. We'll be on the move again!