Friday, February 26, 2016

Friday, February 26

We will spend the day here in Highbourne Cay. The weather reports continue to talk about waves, wind, and squalls. We'll just avoid all that by staying here at this lovely dock.

That gives me the opportunity to talk a bit about Highbourne Cay Marina. This is a most upscale marina. However, it is the only marina in this corner of the world, so they could actually be rather run down and still get away with the prices they charge. Just to give you an insight to shopping in the marina store - we bought a regular sized bag of Doritos for the low price of only $8.50.

The marina has a protected entrance, so it is also a great place to hang out in bad weather- as we are doing.

And, as noted, it attracts a rather interesting crowd.

But, it's not only yachts who show up here. We are currently docked behind Beacon Won.

Beacon Won is run by Seven C's Charters. The boat is considered to be an adventure charter. It not only does visits to cays with snorkeling and other activities. It also tries to do service activities such as beach clean ups.

This morning, the local freight boat showed up. 

As you may know, not many things are produced or grown on these islands. Almost everything is brought in. Today's freight boat may look familiar to you because the Yamacraw started life in the Chesapeake as a buy boat! Now, it delivers goods to several islands in this area. You never know who you will meet or what you will see here in the Bahamas.

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