Monday, February 8, 2016

On to Norman Cay

It was a short trip of just a few hours over to Norman Cay. But, the crew used the time wisely. Some cleaned up around the cabin. Some studied maps and charts. Mike spent his ttime making a Looky Bucket!

Yes, Dear Readers, a Looky Bucket is a plastic bucket with an acrylic bottom. You use it to view under water when you really don't want to go snorkeling. It has not warmed up greatly here, so the water is fairly cold. Some of our intrepid crew has chosen NOT to get in the cold water. Instead, they will enjoy being a Looky Bucketeer! Yes, it's a Bahamian term - Gee did not make that one up (although she wishes she had).

We arrived at Norman Cay right around lunchtime.

As you can see, it's a beautiful spot. After lunch, some of the crew hopped in the dingy to go exploring.

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