Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Off Norman's Cay

It's another bright and sunny day here in the Bahamas. We spent the night just off Norman's Cay. You might notice the correction, Dear Readers. Yes, indeed, it is Norman's Cay, not Norman.

Norman's Cay is actually an island of ill repute - in the purist sense of the words. In the late seventies and early eighties, Norman's Cay was the site of a very profitable cocaine smuggling operation. Many snorkelers like to come here because one of the smuggling planes did not make it. It is mostly submerged near the cay, so you can easily snorkel around it. And that is just what Terry did yesterday. However, he was the only one to do so. The water is still very cold! Even with his wet suit, Terry emerged from the water all nicely blue tinged. 

We are actually anchored in what the guide book calls an anchorage with excellent protection. A note to Linda- The water is very deep right here for the Bahamas. We are anchored in about 10 feet of water. However, the way in is narrow with depths as low as 7 feet. So far, our charts have been very accurate, so following them is working. This is also the time to point out that the winds have not actually been normal for this region. They have been coming from the opposite direction. That has made the anchorages not as protected as claimed. In fact, it's been a little bouncy here on LUX.

Today's plan is to head to Warderick Wells. This area is all part of the national park. It is one of THE places to visit in the Exumas because the park is working hard to protect the natural beauty of the area.


Susan Gilbert said...

Did Mike get to use his bucket or was it too bouncy at the plane site? You really are on an adventure!
I am,too, in a way. I am making 4 big pillows for the new cabin. Lots of unexpected issues came up but the worst of all is that my Singer that I bought in 1986 died. So for Valentines Day I am getting a new machine. Wish you were here to advise.

Gee said...

No Looky Bucketeers yet. We're still waiting for the glue to dry!