Sunday, February 14, 2016

February 12

After a short sail yesterday, we ended up at Black Point. The anchorage proved to be a nice one, as you can see by the many boats anchored here as well. We had an early evening as one might expect after our day of adventures.

I believe I hear my Dear Readers asking, "What adventures? You did not describe any adventures!" Oh, that is so true. I was lax in my duties as chronicler yesterday. So, I find that I must make up for that lapse at this time. Mind you, there will not be any pictures. I am in dingy denial mode, so the adventurous crew took off without me.

Back to School

As you may remember, we started the day in Staniel Cay. Terry and Peggy took off in the dingy to do their good deed for the day. Terry had read that schools in the Bahamas were most appreciative of donated supplies. Before we left home, he and Peggy went shopping to fill 3 backpacks he conveniently had at home. They decided to hunt down the school here at Staniel Cay to drop off the backpacks.

They did have to hunt down the school, because it was being temporarily housed in another building while the new school is being built. Once there, they were treated to the full British schoolroom experience. The children all rose to say good morning. They were all polite. There were two groups in two different rooms with one teacher. Yes, children left alone to work - and expected to do their best without direct supervision! They were very appreciative, but they were really hoping Terry and Peggy would hurry up and leave. What? Because the teacher would not allow them to see into the backpacks until 'later.' Read that as when those nice people leave!

Terry and Peggy did eventually leave, after a few conversations with the students. On their way back to the dingy, they fulfilled Gee's one wish - they found the house where the lady sells bread from her kitchen
. Peggy brought back two loaves of coconut bread! Yay! One loaf is in the freezer, waiting to become the perfect French toast breakfast. Note to Linda- they heard chickens while walking around Staniel Cay. However, the chickens appear to be camera shy. No pictures for you.

On to Black Point

We arrived in the early afternoon, giving enough time to get in the dingy and go adventuring. They walked through town to check out the blow hole. Past that was the local cemetery. Terry found a Sweeting gravesite! Back in town, they tried to purchase raisin bread. Unfortunately, the local baker only takes orders for the next day.

The town itself is very interesting. The largest building on the island is dedicated to cruisers. It is a laundromat with showers! Yes, you and your clothes can get squeaky clean at the some times!

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