Friday, February 5, 2016

To Nassau and Beyond

Our trip to Nassau this morning was a little on the rough side. I took a series of photos so you could see the bounce of the boat as I saw it from the salon.

One of the first sights upon entering Nassau is the lighthouse. It is a lovely way to be welcomed to an incredibly busy harbor.

We did get to see the fabulous Atlantis resort. It certainly is as grand as advertised. You will note that we chose not to stay there since the prices are on as grand a scale as the buildings!

There are two bridges with lots of consternation on different websites. Some writers have reported that they are not as tall as charts claim. Good news from LUX. We passed under each of them at low tide with nary a problem. So, perhaps the worriers had bad measurements.

We also had a little adventure. Terry decided to drop the hook, board the dingy, and run into town to see if he could get parts for the outboard. It was a rushed adventure since we had to get through the coral field on the other side by 3 o'clock. He and Mike motored back in good time with new spark plugs in hand.

We did make it through the coral fields. We are now at Palm Cay Marina. It's certainly a lovely place.

Please excuse the spelling error. It should be Cay not key. But it's big...very big. We are pretty much on the opposite side from the amenities. You must walk down the dock, around the end of the marina, and all the way to the other end of the marina in order to reach the showers. One wonders, Dear Readers, if taking a shower will actually do any good since one must make quite a trek to get back to the boat.

And, it will be quite the trick for Gee to get off the boat. We thought of Linda today, for there is a true chasm of doom here- at least for Gee.

We will be here for a day or two until the weather breaks again. And, Terry and Mike must go back to Nassau in the marina loaner car. The spark plug obtained on the dingy ride is not the right one.

Meanwhile, they did come up with a solution for the chasm of doom. The dingy is off the back of the boat. LUX has been backed up further into the slip. And, the lifelines were removed for easy exits.

Finally, an update. It was 10'5" coming in to the marina. Our slip is 11'2" deep.

New update- We did get the opportunity to move. We are now across from where we were. We're much closer to the amenities. We are on a T dock. Gee can get off the boat.

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