Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Peace and Plenty

We ended last night by heading back into town to have dinner at Peace and Plenty. The restaurant has a long history. It was actually the spot of a sponge warehouse. The warehouse part now serves as the lobby.

(Yes, I took a picture of the brochure.)

The restaurant and bar came to the attention of the general public when Johnny Depp chose to film his acceptance for his Golden Globe award for Pirates of the Caribbean from there.

But, it's renown for us came when we were bringing LUX back from the BVIs. We ate there twice with two of our visiting crew members - Sam and Howard. We couldn't resist revisiting the spot where Sam became a Doctor of Mixology.

It also was an opportunity to meet two other cruisers Terry had met on line. They were anchored out in George Town.  We had a lovely dinner together discussing boats and life on the water.

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