Friday, February 26, 2016

Thursday, February 25

Yesterday was a red letter day for the crew of LUX. We saw our first dolphin here in the Bahamas on this trip. Yes, Dear Readers, the waters have been scarily empty of interesting fish and dolphin. The Looky Bucketeers would see some small fish near coral outcroppings, but the amount of fish was never near the number seen in past voyages.

As you can tell, the sighting of our dolphin was a big deal. However, the dolphin was too far away to get a decent photograph. Our dolphin was also more like the dolphins we see in the ICW- it was moving slowly and making lazy loops to the surface. It barely broke the surface of the water. We caught sight of it as it meandered in the blue green water. It moved over to the darker areas, and it was gone from sight.

Terry and Mike went ashore to go walkabout, and had the opportunity to see more wildlife. For the first time, they actually saw lots of conch all in one place. The conch were feeding in the tidal pools. Terry took videos of them. Tip of the day: When you have the opportunity to see one of the videos, don't ask if Terry is running the video in slow motion. Conch really do live life in the slow lane.

Today we read a great beauty tip from Real Simple magazine that is perfect for boaters. Skip the blow dryer. Mist salt spray on damp hair, and twist into a bun. Then, shake out when dry for loose waves. Seriously. It really said that. At this moment, we have an inexhaustible supply of salt water. However, the humidity is really high. We'll probably never get to the point where we can shake out our dry hair!

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