Friday, February 12, 2016

February 12 at Staniel Cay

Morning in Staniel Cay

I am positive that my Dear Readers in Maryland do not wish to hear me whine about the weather here in the Bahamas. But, sometimes the weather is the story. Even here in Paradise.

Yes, it is 72 degrees. But, the wind continues to blow nice and chilly air over us. Each morning starts with Terry and Mike listening to the Chris Parker weather report on the radio.

Yes, Terry does look sad. Although the temperature will continue to be in the low seventies, the wind plans to continually increase in speed. The advice from the weather gurus is to find a hole on Sunday that is well protected on all sides, and plan to stay put until maybe Wednesday. Of course, weather prediction a week out is really difficult, so we plan to hope for the best. Terry and Peggy plan to take the dingy into town today to check out Staniel Cay. I'm hoping that includes checking out a bakery. That Bahamian bread is really tasty! We certainly could use more of that.

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