Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Day in A Marina

LUX spent her last full day in her winter home- our secret location in Georgia. Yes, we are still not telling where because we really love this place. They are so nice. The marina is just lovely. It would have been perfect today except for one little problem. There were just way too many gnats! Billy, the marina manager, assured us that these particular gnats really only last for a couple of weeks. We were just lucky enough to be back here at the height of the gnat issue.

We did get all the laundry done. We made a grocery store run up to Publix. We even managed to get showers in the lovingly maintained bathrooms.

It was just a slow, easy day taking care of things that needed to be done for most of us. Terry, on the other hand, had quite the busy day. He had to take everything out of the forecastle in Carol's cabin. We thought we had a leak. It turned out to be lots of condensation. Everything had to be taken out and cleaned as mold and mildew had attacked viciously! Terry worked hard to get it back in good shape. And we learned a valuable lesson. We need enough dehumidifiers for BOTH sides of the boat for next winter. The good news was th at it was NOT a leak! Yay.

For dinner, we decided to take it easy. So, we had a green salad with shrimp. 

Peggy was yet again a super person. Mike had purchased a cucumber, but we kept forgetting to serve it. Peggy took that poor miserable cucumber, and she saved every bit that she could. Mike was so happy to have cucumber with his salad.

After dinner, three of us player rummy. Peggy beat the socks off us. 

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