Sunday, March 22, 2015

Saturday Night Behind Amelia Island

We made it to the Amelia River last night just before it got really foggy. Even though we did not leave St. Augustine until noon, we still managed to go 52 statute miles. We ended the day with a dolphin show! Yes, a dolphin swam around LUX just to make sure we had our daily sighting.

As many of you probably know, yesterday was National Alien Abductions Day. Of course, we had to celebrate with a special dinner. We started with aliens in cocoons. 

(Yes, they really are pigs in blankets. But, of course, they are not just any pigs in blankets. These are mini Rueben pigs in blankets. I had not really thought they would be such a hit. In fact, I planned to eat the leftovers for lunch the next day. Silly me, huh? My crew started with them as appetizers, and finished them with dinner.)

For dinner, we planned to eat alien brains - otherwise known as seafood macaroni and cheese. I had done research on Mac and cheese. These were rated very highly.

So we mixed them up for dinner.

To accompany this fine feast, some of the crew indulged in one of our favorite drinks- our version of Alien Brains. It's peach juice and peach schnapps mixed together. Then, you pour in a shot of Bailey's Irish Cream. The original recipe did not use peach juice. That's fine if you are in the mood to drink shooters. We always prefer something closer to a punch drink. Our version worked great as an accompaniment to the meal. And, Denise, you were right. Looza peach juice is excellent.

We ended our evening with pie for dessert and a review of methods to avoid alien abductions. No worries. We haven't seen any aliens. That could be because we've seen quite a lot of the border patrol boats. So we are all safe and sound. Today, we continue heading north.

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