Wednesday, March 18, 2015

On the ICW Again....

Gee, it's great to be back on the ICW again. Yes, it is time for LUX to come home to Annapolis. LUX has spent the worst part of the winter in Georgia.

While we were blanketed in snow, LUX was living the good life in a gated golf course community. We knew we wanted to take LUX south for the winter, and we had lots of discussions about the perfect place. Our final choice had just about everything we could want. It is just below the freeze line (although it did drop below freezing several times during this terribly cold winter). It has lovely floating docks. It has an immaculate bathroom and a nice laundry room. It does not have a tiki bar- thereby eliminating the worry of party people visiting LUX without us. The Dockmaster volunteered to drop by LUX and check on her for us. And, the community members who came down to the dock for the scenery? They kept telling the Dockmaster that LUX was such a pretty boat. We LOVE people who share our admiration of our LUX!

Now you are probably wondering where this amazing marina can be found. Seriously, we have given enough hints here and in past blogs for any inquiring mind to figure it out. But we won't make it easy for you. We plan to be back there again, and they have a limited number of catamaran slips! And, we can't fault the maintenance and upkeep at this marina either. After all, the Dockmaster told us just before we got ready to leave that they are planning on redoing the marina this year. After all, the floating docks are supposedly rated for 20 years. And this marina is 20 years old. No, the docks did not look in need of replacement to us. But, they just no longer meet the standards of this community! Works for us!

We did meet someone from the community who was walking on the docks. We offered him the opportunity of a tour of LUX. He accepted with alacrity. He started with how beautiful LUX was. Once inside, he just kept saying how he would have to practically live aboard because it was so wonderful inside. At this point, I should warn you that he came aboard just as we returned from provisioning. We were not at our neatest! And he still thought we were wonderful. We love this place.

However, we could not stay if we want LUX to be in Annapolis. So, we started up the engines and headed south.

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