Wednesday, March 18, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

Anchor Is Up

It's 1005, and the anchor is up. We are preparing to leave our lovely anchorage here in the South River. No, Dear Readers, not the South River in Maryland. We are in Georgia. For all our friends who thought we were bringing LUX back to Annapolis, yes we are not going north. We are headed south right now. Since we are this close to St. Augustine, we cannot resist. We are headed there first. We plan to spend a few days here in the south in order to let the north warm up a bit! Besides that, who doesn't love visiting St. Augustine?

So we spent a long day motoring on the water. It was a little tricky getting by Jeckyll Island. It's rather shallow, and one needs to be very careful. Mike and Carol did an excellent job of creeping down the waterway. We did not even scrape along the way.

The anchor went down at 5:25 PM. We anchored in Delarouche Creek. For dinner, we had corned beef and cabbage. No, Dear Reader, we did not cook for 3 hours. We used the quick recipe! You start some spices boiling in 8 cups of water. You add cut up potatoes, cabbage, and carrots. Lower the temperature, and cook the veggies for about 5 minutes. And now the secret! You use thickly sliced corned beef from the deli. After cooking the veggies for 5 minutes, you place the corned beef slices on top and cook for 15 minutes- or until the potatoes are done. It's just enough time to heat up the corned beef. And, yes, Dear Reader, it was very tasty indeed.

After that, it was an early night for all of us.

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Susan Gilbert said...

Sounds like a great day. Thought you would want to know that we had our first official sign of spring on the Chesapeake on 3/17. A pair of osprey arrived and caught a fish. Bob has a great shot as proof.