Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Dinner on Lincoln Creek

We have settled for the night here on Lincoln Creek. It's a quiet anchorage well off the ICW. Tonight's dinner special was our own version of coq Au vin! No, we did not braise chicken in red wine for hours. Instead, we blended several quick recipes to make a fast and easy chicken stewed in red wine!

And was it ever good.

We started with carrots sliced thin. We sautéed them in some butter. We added a cut up onion. We continued sautéing until the onions were clear. Then, we added cut up chicken. But not just any chicken. We bought frozen pre-grilled chicken. Drop it in. Add chicken broth, canned mushrooms, and red wine. Et voilà! With a little thickening, we had a lovely chicken stew. And it was ready in just about 30 minutes! Perfect boat food for the end of a long day on the water- especially when that day was chilly!

The crew all said they really liked it. So, this recipe will make it into the LUX favorites cookbook for future journeys!

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