Monday, March 23, 2015

A Day Well Spent was just too tempting. We were here. Jekyll Island was here. And we had never taken the opportunity to just play tourist. So we started with the idea that maybe we would just look around a bit for half a day before taking off. That was before we got started.

We began by taking the tram around the historic district. Our tour guide did a great job of telling us about the history of this playground for the rich and famous in the early 1900s. We even had the chance to tour two of the "cottages"- small places to escape the harsh northern winters. Of course, their definition of small starts around 5000 square feet!

After our tour, we decided to enjoy lunch in the formal dining room of the Jekyll Island Club Hotel. It was founded in 1886. Today, they work hard to let you enjoy a fine dining experience. And we did enjoy lunch. Check out Peggy's lovely salad platter.

We had a lovely time. And it took longer than half a day. We'll definitely add another stop here on a future voyage. In the meantime, we'll be spending another night here at the Jekyll Island marina. Tomorrow, when the weather is nicer, will be soon enough to continue heading north.

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