Monday, March 30, 2015

Grand Dunes is the Place to Be

Yes, Dear Reader, we are visiting Gee's favorite place in Myrtle Beach. I do so love the fancy marina. And, they drive you all the way across the street to the Lowe's grocery store. Yes, Terry did keep saying, "Are you talking about the grocery store that is right over there? The one I walked to? In a few minutes?" Yes, it is that close. BUT, it is quite the distance if you buy lots of groceries. And Lowe's is just that kind of tempting grocery store! cross buns. Ah...scones. Ah...wonderful bread. Halfway through our shopping adventure, Mike said that he would have gotten the bigger cart, but he thought we said we only had a few things to pick up! Now some crew members are complaining about all the food in the refrigerator. 

Meanwhile, we had a great breakfast. Peggy made one of her signature dishes- crunchy french toast.

We also had leftover fruit compote from dinner last night. All in all, it was quite the gourmet breakfast.

Now everyone is prepping to leave Myrtle Beach. As usual, we will be heading north. We hope to end up at either Southport or Oriental. It's cloudy out, but it's warmer than it's been.

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