Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Morning in Beaufort

We're up and about for another fine day on the water. The forecast for rain all day did not happen...yet. We hope it skips us totally. In the meantime, we have been enjoying breakfast.

Breakfast on LUX has become an interesting business. When we first started sailing together, we offered a main dish for breakfast. But, through time, we have all regressed to our at home breakfast choices. So, most days, breakfast on LUX is a buffet. Today, some people had yogurt and fruit. There was an egg sandwich. And most of the crew had a piece of pecan roll as well.

One interesting problem that we are working on is coffee. When we first started, we LOVED coffee bags. Yes, just like tea bags! They were easy to use and easy to throw away. No messing with loose coffee grounds. But now the prevalence of the coffee makers using pods is squeezing out the shelf space in stores. As a consequence, we have noticed that it's harder to find the coffee bags. So, we are experimenting. Currently, we are trying the Melitta single serve. It's the red funnel-like thing in the middle picture. I think it works well-as long as the weather is nice. We haven't yet had to make coffee in rough weather. That trial is yet to come. But, we can skip that one in favor of continual nice weather. I don't think anyone will complain!

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