Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Evening- It's Fajita Night!

We've made it far enough north to be anchored just south of Charleston. We managed to get the anchor down before it rained again, so everyone was happy.

The crew was even happier when they found out that it was fajita night!

We fried up chicken, peppers, and onions. We had white wine sangria. For dessert, we had brownies! Yummy.

Meanwhile, today's tale of sailing along is thankfully without drama. We saw pelicans. We saw jets- the Marines were busy today doing touch and goes. We saw lots of low country. We were followed by a Lagoon called Dreamcatcher for a bit. And Peggy beat Gee in Yachtzee yet again. Luckily, she did not get to her best score of 606 again. Believe me, it's hard to take when someone gets four yahtzees in one game!

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