Saturday, March 28, 2015

Saturday Morning outside Charleston

It was not hard to get moving this morning - it was COLD! As you might guess, cold weather is muffin time on board LUX. Get that oven cranking! Get some heat in this cabin! Mike's desire to have LUX home in time for spring sailing weather means that it can be a trifle chilly out here - even in the south. Right now it's 36 degrees. Brrrr! As usual, the rest of us felt the need to tell Mike to at least put some shoes on!

Anyway, back to breakfast. There was a scurry of activity to get all the breakfast choices started.

Today's muffins were apple cinnamon. Carol decided to cut up an apple to add to the mix, and it was a great idea. Peggy was busy making hot drinks. And the sun was steadily rising.

Finally, everything came together. Breakfast was served.

Some folks had oatmeal. Some folks had eggs and muffins. Everyone enjoyed breakfast!

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