Monday, March 30, 2015

We Love Southport

We made it to Southport around 3 this afternoon- just in time for some of the crew to get in some shopping. But, like any small town, most storsmclose before 5. We have to keep reminding ourselves that we need to plan a full day stay in Southport. Next time....

We ended the day by trying a new (for us) restaurant on the waterfront. We have wanted to try the Yacht Basin Eatery, but the line to get in during the season is really unbelievable, so we never tried. But, today we are definitely way before the season starts. So, no lines! 

The menu for this little place is really quite varied. Not only can you get lots of seafood options, but there are many other offerings. For example, I had the French Riviera- a turkey sandwich on a croissant with cranberries and melted Brie. It was very yummy.

The other food picture is Peggy's hamburger. She asked for it to be well done, and it was just perfect.

Even better were the desserts. They make the desserts in house, so it is worth the stop. A warning though- the desserts are super rich. So, don't plan on a large meal AND a dessert. You will not be happy!

Tomorrow we head to Carolina Beach.

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