Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday in St. Augustine

Yesterday, Terry and Peggy were kind enough to take a walk to one of our favorite places here in St. Augustine- The Bunnery. No, they do not sell Easter stuff. This is what they offer: 

Yes, they sell the best and the most decadent baked goods on the ICW. And, they have such a variety. Terry and Peggy were hard pressed to make decisions. So, they chose what we always love best. And, they bought enough so that we could have two full days of yumminess! I know that is not a word, but nothing else will suffice for such tasty treasures.

So, now it is back to the real world. Terry is returning the rental car. Mike is scrubbing down the boat exterior. Carol is wiping down the ceiling on the veranda. And Peggy is reorganizing our provisions for me. This afternoon, we plan to leave St. Augustine and start north. The fog is finally breaking up somewhat, so we should be able to move along.

The interesting news for the day is that the swing bridge over the Alligator River has suffered from a broken gear. The gear has to be manufactured and replaced before the swing bridge can go back into operation. We'll be watching that closely as we head north.

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