Saturday, November 10, 2012

11/10-Just another day in Paradise

The really good news is that the fuel tank is back and installed. Mike thought the welder did a great job. And, we were all very happy to learn that it had been finished yesterday because the entire welding shop is leaving today for a week-long welders convention in the states. It would have been bad news to learn that the best welding shop in town would be closed when we needed them. So, perhaps fate is smiling upon us. It was actually better that this happened when it did.

Today, we will take off and start exploring the islands that LUX will visit when she is chartered. No specific plans- it is, after all, a sailboat. We know the islands that are regularly visited, so we will wait to see where the wind takes us.

The funny thing for today is that it is still so strange to think of this as the off season for the Bahamas. After all, it is cold in the northeastern U. S., so why wouldn't tourists come here now? On the other hand, Mike and Gee have a reputation for visiting closed America. Maybe they are just expanding their horizons to a closed world.

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