Friday, November 16, 2012

A Dingy to Dinner

Thursday afternoon found us anchoring in Fisher's Bay. The majority of the boat people went exploring by dingy. They found Grabber's Bar and Grill right on the bay! What a treat! They couldn't wait to tell me how much fun it would be to hop in a dingy, boat almost to shore, jump out into the water in the dark where you can't see the stuff in the water, walk out onto the beach where you can get your feet covered with sand, and have dinner. Oh, and you can be eaten by gigantic Mosquitos. They keep telling me this is all part of the island experience. They did, at least, allow me to skip eating in the tent where the picnic tables were in the sand (probably harboring vicious sand fleas). Luckily, the bar was fully stocked- that included OFF bug spray. The food was actually really wonderful. Linda had never had a wrap sandwich so delicious. The wrap had been toasted beforehand. Carol did wander off to try to feed the local stray cat. This cat neither ate nor dropped dead, helping to make sure that dinner itself was wonderful. At the end, however, there were two possible disasters. One was when Peggy asked about dessert. No dessert! We are still in the off season. The dessert shipment was not due until next week. The second possible bad news was that you had to get back into a dingy to get back to LUX. Yes, back across the sandy beach, into the water in the dark, and off for an exciting dingy ride. Luckily, Terry had on his headlight. The ride back was done in short order. Mike turned on the engines to heat up the water, and everyone who wanted a shower got to indulge! All in all, a lovely evening. Everyone had a good time.

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