Friday, November 2, 2012

In for the night

We have anchored out on the Ft. George River- 6 miles north of Mayport, Florida. Tomorrow, we will do 40 miles to get us to St. Augustine. And, we still have the dreaded port engine problem. Mike and Terry are busy discussing whether or not the tank should have been cleaned differently. Hopefully, both of them will realize that worrying about what we SHOULD have done is not as effective as what we should do to go forward. But, they are men.....

Tomorrow, we hope to be in St. Augustine early enough to take care of things we have to do as well as having a little fun. We will be there for two days.

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Linda said...

I can not believe how quickly Lux made it to Florida ... I am so impressed!

Perhaps the rocking Lux got in the ocean foray upset the port engine ... hopefully 2 days of sitting still will help things settle.

51 degrees here; snow is threatened as is another nor'easter (but not accompanied by a hurricane) for next week ... Tom & I are looking forward to seeing everyone! I baked ginger snaps (or crumbs depending on the flight) ...