Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Our favorite question- How many people does it take to pick up a mooring ball?

So, this monohull comes into the mooring area looking for a mooring ball at high speed right in front of us! Three attempts later, approaching from downwind with his bow into the wind, he still didn't have a mooring ball. By this time, Carol was on the bow at the ready with a fender. One other boat near us had flipped all of his fenders over and said three Hail Marys. Our monohull then changed direction and was now headed stern first toward the mooring buoy - at high speed. In the meantime, another member of the audience decided to take action. Our intrepid Dingy Captain hops into the dingy, roars over to their boat, and suggests that they take the mooring ball at the END of the mooring behind the rest of us. And, he would be kind enough to race over there and hold the line up for them. BTW, he also rescued their boat hook which they had lost on the third attempt when they ran over the mooring threatening to pull the boat hook guy over the rails. They thanked him, and took off at high speed for the back of the mooring. Our intrepid Dingy Captain zoomed over there trying to beat them to the mooring ball. He looked like Apollo in the sun chariot- yes, he was driving that dingy while standing up! He gets there in time to pick up the line. Our wild monohull rushes over and does a 360 right in front of our Dingy Captain. Whoa! They finally got the line from the Dingy Captain, and actually got it attached to the boat. Our Dingy Captain raced back to his own boat with these final words - "You might want to pull in those lines when you get settled in." We were, of course,thankful that he gave that advice. After all, that wild monohull was right behind us.

The nicest thing about this story is that it was yet another example of one boater going out of his way to help another (obvious) charterer. It give a us faith that LUX will find Good Samaritans no matter who charters her. As we have traveled about the cays, we keep finding people who are more than willing to be helpful. There may not be many things open yet, but the Bahamas still welcome you with open arms.

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