Thursday, November 8, 2012

Spanish Cay - after Sandy AND it's off season!

So, not only were we the only boat all night in this marina, but the restaurant and tiki bar were closed AND boarded up! They took a big hit from Sandy and were busy doing repairs. We also found out that this is actually the off season for them. They are busiest during school holidays. The woman at the marina store told us that you cannot get a slip in there in July! Geez, we thought people would come to the Bahamas in the winter!

But, our dinner on board was five star anyway. Carol pan fried more Mahi Mahi that was turned into fish tacos. They were delicious. And, just to make it a very special treat, Carol sifted through all the fish to make sure there were no little bones left. It's extra funny when you find out that only Carol found bones in her taco!

It was an interesting stay in the marina. The wind blew all night. We did some rocking and rolling. This morning, we took off early to get to calmer waters and a town that might have more to offer in the way of shore attractions. Unfortunately, the eye of Sandy was right over Marsh Harbour. We're hoping they have had enough time to recover.

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