Friday, November 16, 2012

A Cat Walks Into A Tiki Bar

Yesterday, it was still too sad to talk about one event at Treasure Cay. When Carol went off to the showers yesterday morning, she found a dead cat at the side door to the marina office. We were very sad. But we did find out that the cat must have been Irish. Why? Next time we looked toward the tiki bar, the four local cats had gathered for a wake. We could tell this because two of the cats were actually sitting on bar stools at the bar. The other two were prowling around looking for good seats as well. No alcohol had been served as yet. But, the bartender had just arrived. The bad news for the poor dead kitty is that he probably will not make it to cat heaven. After all, what self respecting Irish cat would be willing to show up at St. Peter's gates in a Budweiser beer box. Oh, the humiliation! The poor Irish cat was, indeed, interred in a Budweiser box! Mike feels that, at the very least, they should have buried him in a Kalick beer box. After all, wasn't the cat a local?

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